Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FORGET about the south sea company! REMEMBER vg gold :-)

what about homo sapiens financialis? after rob mcewen participated in the financing of struggling vg gold, the folks out there act like crazy lemmings! he had paid CAD 0.08 per vg gold's share, today (~4 trading sessions later) paid the folks CAD 0.405 (!!!). that's more than 5 times as much ... wanna see the 6 months chart? here we go: InformedChart ... well, let's watch if the price comes back down soon or if there is actualy a new level established

ps: i'm not sure if the homo sapiens did learn anything over centuries, let's look back to 1711 in tek's blog about the south sea company mania

pps: you still remember my initial blog post on vg gold issue?

ppps: thx goodness i've stuck 2 my investment strategy and didn't catch the fast buck @CAD 0.29 as the stock was @ CAD 0.405 today. btw, who knows how long will the party last?

indicated conclusions: do not waste your time + money on wrong things! buy just the right ones! this investment stuff is soooooo easy

as always, follow the InformedDiscussion here or simply drop a comment bellow :-)

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