Friday, July 17, 2009

GOLD rally in august AGAIN ???

august 2001, august 2003, august 2005, august 2007, AUGUST 2009 (!!!)

hell, that would be soooooo great for my gold + silver + energy + commodity stocks based portfolio
well, we will discover that soooon

btw, what's your opinion?

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folks, few interesting comments taken from the corresponding discussion pages @
Posted Today at 09:11 AM by Simit Patel

... the most often mentioned seasonal reason for gold is prolly the wedding season in india, who (which?) is the major consumer of physical gold worldwide, i think ... but there is for sure every year a wedding season in india, isn't it? but why did gold/silver rally just in years with odd numbers and not in even years? that will prolly forever stay mr. market's secret ... unless someone finds out some major relationship to the moon calendar or the like good luck,j.
Posted Today at 11:29 AM by jaro g.
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ps: how much is 1 oz gold in USD?
  • july 17, 2009 = $935.0 ........... today
  • dec 31, 2009 = $1,096.5
  • dec 31, 2010 = ?
  • dec 31, 2011 = ??
  • dec 31, 2012 = ???
  • ...
addendum 12-31-2009: what abt recapitulation at the end of the year?
yep, gold rallied a lot in fall & winter and it has reached a new all-time-high at $1,226 on december, 3rd ... well, after that it fell a little bit and closed the year 17.27% higher than in july at $1,096.5 (~spot price @, btw, all 6 websites i looked for the closing price had slightly different quotes => crazy!). anyway, the fundamentals for gold have improved since then (more paper money out there, decreasing gold production (peak gold!), increasing (investment) demand, central banks are buyer on balance, etc.) => therefore let's enjoy the GOLDEN RALLY in 2010 as well

of course, do not forget the SILVER!

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