Sunday, July 19, 2009

dow-gold-ratio :o)

the #1 GOLDBUGs FAQ: when will 1 ounce of gold (or 2?) buy the whole DJIA again?

100-years-chart (view full page here:

i've found & stored (= saved, not stolen ;-) that beautiful picture from when the ratio was 15. they've changed the black background color to white ... and the ratio is 9 now ... as long as they will not remove that chart from their website you can always check the current ratio here.

btw, rob mcewen's us gold is my single biggest (stock) investment, but unfortunately still struggling a lot . anyway, i think/hope/believe they'll find some significant gold deposits ... and develop gold mines ... and pay fat dividends ... and their stock will skyrocket as goldcorp's led by rob mcewen did many years ago .

take care,

ps: instead of care i would rather take share in that gold rally started in 1999 and lasting till ??? ... well, who knows that, but let's hope that this 100-years-old-indicator will not prove wrong this time :-)

addendum 05/25/2010: no, no, no!!! there is a guy who wants 2 destroy all my believes abt gold, stocks, good & evil ... OMG! OMG! OMG! robert rethfeld, the guy, posted the dow-gold-ratio since 1800 and look: the ratio is not going 2 reach 1 or 2 any time in the future, is it? does that really mean that stocks outperform gold in the long run? btw, are the DJIA dividends included in the DJIA price calculation?

folks, im not going 2 believe that crazy stuff (posted on may 22th, 2010) 2day.... lets go 2 bed and think abt that 2morrow :-)

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