Saturday, July 25, 2009

paper money, paper wealth?

folks, do u see that unbelievable increase in monetary base? can u also imagine that nasty hyper-inflation monster coming here and eat us alive?

=> is that just an InformedChart or already a PictureOfNoReturn???

(source: st. louis fed )

damned hell! that's worse than in zimbabwe, argentina, germany (after WW1 + WW2), russia, hungary, ... COMBINED, isn't it?

(addendum, december 19,2009) next chart added, even a little bit worse than the 1st one because it begins 40 years earlier, i think:


what 2 do facing these monstrous 'market conditions'? well, i think the best solution is to buy some hard/real assets which cannot be printed out of thin air like paper money ~ commodities, (fair priced!) real estate + farm land, gold + silver [= money of market's choice over thousands of years], revenue generating business, ... and last but not least: to spend some money + time with family + friends

good luck ;-)

btw, in order 2 read the discussion on this topic switch 2 informedtrades, ok?

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