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what the hell is going on in mali?

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gold, uranium, oil, bauxite, strategic minerals ... the WWlll aka world war 3 aka "Military States against the Resource States" continues, wouldn't you say? 

well, this 'resource story' is also which was written in a message from a guy from mali i've  got 'over two corners' at facebook ... and that reminds me of the rebellion in oil rich nigeria few years ago after the western oil industry destroyed the basis of existence of the local people by spoiling all the environment in the niger delta ... and yes, it also makes sense if we consider the 'track record' of the North Atlantic Terror Organisation (NATO): iraq, libya, sudan, somalia, afghanistan, iran, ... on top the indirect aggression (via its well paid + well supported (mostly foreign!) 'rebells') against syria which killed ten thousands innocent syrians till now ... of course, the human rights or liberty was seldom a real reason for intervention ... more likely reasons are strategic political or military reasons (location) and natural resources, aren't they? the next 'crisis' just started in algeria ... hmmmm, not really a suprise ... does algeria has oil or gas or both and a government which didn't hand over all of algerian's resource wealth to the west yet?

btw, i also have a (really small) direct investment in (southern) mali, the canadian gold exploration company legend gold. well, after the civil war started and the probability to bring at least one of the 3 assets into a producing gold mine has fallen significantly, my investment is 86% down, i.e. almost completely lost. lost are not only investors' money spent in mali but also the most local jobs created there as the work is basically on hold and the plans are postponed to the time after the war. who knows whether my company survives or which mining rights / laws / corruption will be implemented then?

a few months old video ... it does not seem the islamist fighters have big support from the local population (mostly tuaregs?) and it does not looks like these 'rebells' do any good either ... but if you asked me, i start to think that only radical (islamist, jihadist) groups like al-qaeda, mujaheddin, taliban and the like are able to fight against (foreign) aggressors ... people like university professors, celebrities, bureaucrats and others will most likely not fight against any armed opponent, will they?

more terrorists who could be used in any country you wish to? here:

source: here

one belgian politician is against NATO war (france, germany, belgium,...) in MALI and speaks in front of the belgian parliament about the reasons for this war and recapitulates the western effort in libya, syria, iraq, afghanistan ... very important to hear

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