Monday, January 28, 2013

political economy

a great presentation by peter boehringer about political economy respectively about politics driven by economy's lobbyists organized by PdV (party of prudence) in munich today. peter is a great libertarian + free market promoter, well known in the gold bugs scene basically via his blog at where he reaches approximately 30,000 readers per article. he is also a money manager, founder of german precious metals association (DEG), public speaker and he recently often appeared as a co-founder of the initiative to repatriate the german gold, which you still can sign up here.

folks, i'm already too tired now and it is also too latte, so let's make just some notes today and give you some more insights tomorrow:
  • market manipulations via subsidies, bailouts, uneconomic policies, laws (energy markets, car industry (electric cars), interest rates, stock markets (PPT), currencies (e.g. CHF/EUR = 1.20 burden decided by the swiss central bank SNB), bonds, gold price, agriculture, many other markets and last but not least the banking system)
  • greece, merkel, bundesbank, financial crisis, system crisis, competitiveness of countries, .... sovereign debt interest rates before the euro system and know ....
  • comparison of socialism and our 'market economy'
  • state's share in germany's economy is approximately 50% and still increasing :-(
  • paper currencies (euro, dollar, yen, ...), wealth redistribution, fractional reserve banking, gold is money, ...
  • ESM, ESFS, eurogenforce, ...
  • lies + fraud all over the political system + mainstream media
  • pessimistic view: we will not stop before our system finally crashes
  • personal rescue idea: buy gold + silver + protect your wealth
  • freedom + free (competing) money systems + free markets
  • ....
  • ... more insights coming soon or never ...
  • ...
friends, after peter's presentation had the most listeners probably similar opinion about 'right and wrong' in economy like john stossel, i think ...

just in case you still think there is no alternative to the current way of western nations, the icelandic president ragnar grimsson will prove the opposite, my dears:

after peter's presentation and a short break, there was an opportunity to ask questions to peter and oliver janich, the head of the PdV in a familiar atmosphere of the old, old, old bavarian pub in the very historic city centre in the marktwirt inn.

source + more details about this interesting place: here

there will be some pictures and probably also the complete video-recorded presentation (60 - 70 minutes) available soon, so i will update the blog post later :-)

go gold bugs go and let's stop bureaucrats, eurocrats, lobbyist, big governments, central banks, mainstream media and the like :)

not a joke: 
source: here


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