Sunday, January 20, 2013


the next chapter in my loose save yourself + save the world series :-)

let's present david mcalvany, a great libertarian 'austrian' economist, gold + silver coin dealer, money manager, investor and freedom tutor who will join his power + energy with jim rogers, marc faber, peter schiff, ron paul and others via my link library :)

1897 when gold was money and money was stable, $20 liberty
(source: mcalvany main website)

i have subscribed for david's weekly commentary long time ago, their basic information brochure (+DVDs?) which you can easily order via the company website linked above was also a very good stuff to go through as far as i remember ...

a) let's start with a short trailer (3 minutes @youtube):

b) next enjoy the main reason for my today's blog post, the following interview. of course, i would appreciate to get any feedback about your opinion on that subject, so just drop a comment below ;-)

c) an extra piece for investors / traders among my dear readers, the mcalvany investment strategy:


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