Wednesday, January 23, 2013

siemens AGM

next AGM for the 165 years old lady ...

few topics from CEO peter löscher's speech today:
  • siemens goes mars :) with NASA's mars-rover curiosity (siemens  software included) 
the model exhibited
video recorded success
  • 2nd best year ever, 5 billion €uros profit but 30% below 2011, quite good dividend of approximately 3.6%, etc
  • osram spin-off (light bulbs) + few other M&As
  • few problems in germany with train systems + wind energy project in the north sea
  • cheap money via bonds (coupon at about 1 point something) => no real need for money => share buy back program which saves dividend payments of 3,6% (net win approximately 2%) + supports own stock + trading profits very likely because of great timing during the market decline last year => what a savvy idea,isn't tit?
  • green technology
  • software development (17,000 sw engineers)
F1 car red bull, siemens  software included
  • low global growth expected if any for 2013
  • bright future for usa because of cheap energy supply via shale gas + oil (fracking method)
  • sustainability and especially energy sustainability, siemens was awarded to be the most sustainable company out of the dow jones sustainability index ...
  • most innovations / patents in europe 
  • etc
do you still remember former AGMs? few more pictures

btw, have you got your mars vehicle yet? 
anything else? coming soon or never

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