Friday, January 4, 2013

SILVER ~ fat cats never lose, but can they rig EVERY financial market?

because the physical silver market is so negligible small compared to the paper market (futures), the deep pocket guys can move the price of silver in every direction they like to. one day +4% (wednesday), the very next day -3% (=thursday=today) ... what about tomorrow? well done, my dear fat cats, well done 
fino, a fat cat too

btw, does still s.o. out there think the silver price is somehow supply-demand-related? sometimes i think the deep pocket guys need the financial markets only to rob the clueless public like us traders / investors, what is your opinion?

ps: i do not like you, my dear silver dragon + snake, you look almost identical anyway ... and now i will imprison both of you in a dark small safe without any daylight for a loooong looong time 

addendum ~ trading session today: silver was almost 3% down intraday, later erased all movements and now, 11 minutes before the gong, is it 0.41% up ... omg 
the silver market farce (source: dab bank), the last 5 days (remember, there was no trading on january 1st because of bank holiday in usa / europe)

btw, do not think the silver market is any special. of course, it is more volatile than gold, but you can find the same manipulation template in gold + currencies + bonds (all of them are directly manipulated by governments and their small dirty central banks (e.g. the interventions of the SNB in case the euro falls against the swiss frank below the 1.2 treshold (i.e. swiss frank 'too' strong, the poor euro too weak). this 'market' is so phony for so long that i've a made a snapshot for you - enjoy the last 3 years of the EUR/CHF fairy-tale below)). not any different are the movements in some important commodities like oil (the u.s. government loves to sell its 'strategic' reserves in front of elections and the like in order to make the oil price look 'good' for the public. government's buddies like the goldman sachs guys love to suddenly change the composition of their commodity indexes like they've significantly reduced the amount of unleaded gasoline in their GSCI few years ago and thus forced all institutions which offered derivates on that index to sell unleaded gasoline and helped the price for a short period to look better at the petrol stations ... and than there still is the plunge protection team (PPT) which doctors the stock market when needed ...

EUR/CHF (source: dab bank), you see the 1.20 treshold, don't you?

my conclusion: the finance world is a banana republic, a small banana republic, my dears 
banana plantation

last but not least, my dears: happy trading + investing 

ps: the nice smilies are borrowed from InformedTrades 



Anonymous said...

mein süßer Kater :)

Jaro Gruber said...

ich bin doch dein süßer kater, schatz ... miau, miau :-)