Monday, August 13, 2018

teutonic knights castle marienburg (in today's poland)

did you know that the german teutonic knights castle marienburg from 13th century at river nogat in malbork (former marienburg) in today's poland is still the biggest european brick construction?

we took a guided tour via electronic audio guide and spent really much time in the castle. the nicest memory? the beautiful and really friendly waitresses in the castle restaurant ;o). btw, the waiters / waitresses in poland (and slovakia too) are often not really friendly, if you asked me....
castle marienburg in malbork (i always want to say marlbork. strange, isn't it?)
 river nogat in front of the castle
old german marienburg is today the polish city of malbork
good-bye, marienburg
more pictures are here.
the diary of our whole holiday journey is here.

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