Wednesday, August 15, 2018

vilnius - lithuania

i liked vilnius (polish: wilno), the capital and biggest city of lithuania, a lot. why do i provide the polish name of vilnius here? well, the city was an important part of polish-lithuanian-commonwealth in the middle ages. even before the WW II where poles the biggest ethnic group (e.g. in 1931 above 65%) followed by jews and russians, the lithuanians were really rare at that time.
source wikipedia

and i really liked the nice old houses, narrow streets, arches, churches, palaces, bars, arts in the streets and even the many (baltic sea) amber shops in its old town, which is an unesco heritage site. because there was not everything restored and we have often seen still destroyed facades and crumbling rendering (brökelnder putz) on many houses not far away from the very city center, it seemed to be so authentic for me. maybe therefore remembered me vilnius a little bit on my natal kosice in eastern slovakia :-).
enjoy few pictures:
river neris
two of us
one of the many orthodox churches
arts or just craziness?
festival of polish folk music at one of the the main old city squares: there are still many, many poles in living in lithuania, you know? i will look for the 'combine harverster' song of the lithuanian polish ensemble 'kapela wilenska' in polish language

kapela wilenska - a ja jade na kombajnie

the best of all wives :-)
good-bye, vilnius
more pictures are here.
the diary of our whole holiday journey is here.

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