Thursday, August 16, 2018

trakai island castle + rural lithuania

after eastern germany and northern poland led our journey to lithuania. first we visited the capital vilnius, the next day the trakai water castle on an island in the lake galve.
as we were used to get up early, we have been at the castle before all other tourists and in a time when it was open just for staff and suppliers who prepared for the coming tourist invasion. so we walked over two bridges and two islands in castle's inner yard for some time, took a coffee from a vending machine, walked around the castle and swam in the lake galve to one of its 21 islands close to the castle. and yes, at 10 o'clock were all the buses and people here. we were really shocked by the masses of people in the otherwise almost uninhabited lituania (except vilnius, of course). as we have taken a guided tour in a similar castle (marienburg in malbork / poland) few days ago, we decided just to buy some lithuanian foodstuff in a supermarket in trakai's living area and to take ourselves to the almost empty roads through rural lithuania back to poland.
trakai island castle
still in trakai
rural lithuania
entering an (almost empty) highway restaurant. we have been the only clients for most of the time out there.
good-bye, lithuania
more pictures are here.
the diary of our whole holiday journey is here.

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