Friday, August 24, 2018

awareness seminar in neustift monastery, south tirol, italy

what a nice trip to south tirol / italy. for my wife it was work as she has led a three days awareness seminar for south tirol's teachers. for me it was primarily hiking holidays in the dolomite alps (dolomiti, dolomiten).
i liked especially our accommodation in the beautiful training center in the medieval neustift monastery (koster neustift, südtirol) in vahrn (= italian varna) close to brixen (= italian bresassone). it was nice to walk inside the old corridors, eat in the arched chambers, to stroll in the beautiful yards between thick monastery walls, to walk at the river eisack ... and yes, the view from our hotel room was also colossal :-)

the seminar was a great success, thus next summer there will be two seminars led by my wife: an intuition strengthening seminar and awareness 2.0, so i'm looking forward to visit our friends and this beautiful place on earth again.
my wife anna gruber, the best and most emphatic hypnosis therapist ever, if you asked me :-)
~ seminar "lehren und lernen im hier und jetzt"
neustift monastery from 1140
two of us
in the hotel section of the monastery
 engelsburg, today an art gallery
justitia, she is soooo often blind :-)
my hiking tour #1 from schalders to lake schrüttensee:
i went down barefoot, my dears :-)
großer schrüttensee, 1950 m, ice cold
kleiner schrüttensee, 1970 m, ice cold too 
hiking tour #2 from bad altprags to alp putzalm:
on the right is the peak peitlerkofel (2,875 m) in pragser dolomite alps
i have experienced an awful thunderstorm on the way back. it was not easy to reach my car as there was often open terrain i had to go over ...
back to engelsburg, neustift monastery
art by holger theunert
good-bye, river eisack. good-bye, south tirol
innsbruck, capital of tirol, austria
sadhguru once again
more pictures are here.
insights from our last south tirol trip are here.

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