Tuesday, August 14, 2018

masurian lake district (MAZURY, MASUREN) - poland

after the castle marienburg we have moved further to the masurian lake district (MAZURY, MASUREN). we have been lucky and stayed in the nicest hotel at our journey, the castle hotel from 19th century in karnity (karnitten) at the lake kociol (kesselsee).

the hotel was nice, the food really good, the lake so fine to swim ... it was interesting to see that they have not enough personnel in tourism as the hotel owner complained about that issue and tried to win my wife who speaks polish as an employee (probably because she is so beautiful or maybe it was just his professional sweet-talk, who knows?). and indeed, when we wanted to rent a rowing boat, the responsible employee didn't come to unlock the boats as he was busy somewhere else. the only handicap here was the really dirty public beach area at the lake. it is so pity that the local youth ruins (its own) environment with plastic & glass bottles, cigarettes and other waste even when there was a garbage can directly at the beach :-(.

even if my wife would like to stay here few days longer and rest a little bit, i desperately wanted to visit vilnius / lithuania, so i could somehow convince her to move to ateny (athens) at another masurian lake, jezioro blizno near augustów (augustow), near lithuanian border :-)
(hotel) castle karnity
lake kociol (kesselsee)
romantic sunset
fallow deer and elks (moose) in a compound area behind the castle
lake blizno in athens (ateny, atheny) near augustow
our stay in athens was not a nice place. anyway, we were happy to find a bed & roof above our heads (it was also a little bit raining, my dears), because in the main season it is often very difficult to find a last minute accommodation. at least the bonfire in the evening and the discussions with other polish tourists were nice.
good-bye, masuria
few days later: on the way back from masuria and lithuania to lodz (poland) we have made a long break for lunch and swimming in central poland at river narew in the city of lomza

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