Wednesday, August 8, 2018


we have had many, many stops in the beautiful uckermark and have seen and swam in many, many different lakes... 
our kayak trip in lychen was so great => highly recommended :-)

our stops in the uckermark were berkenlatten (ostrich farm - straußenfarm), friedenfelde, willmine, gerswalde, templin, temmen, lychen, boitzenburg, naugarten, ...

it was really interesting to explore this nice and for german proportions so people-empty area. after 5 or 6 o'clock it was often even difficult to find a restaurant for dinner. for example, one day we have had to drive 20 km from boitzenburg to naugarten only to find out, that the kitchen in a opened restaurant was closed due to illness of the cook. thanks goodness, the owner made a vegetable wrap for us, otherwise we would probably try to eat gras, insects or the like :-)

a very special experience was our stay at the ostrich farm rätz in berkenlatten. as we booked much too late (only few hours before arrival), we have found only a small cottage without water, toilette, shower, electric power inside an ostrich farm. we liked the place, the animals, the owners (we have had the breakfasts together with the family), their barefoot trail, the early morning circuit through the ostrich compound. well, we decided spontaneously to stay one night longer....

and yes, the people seem to help each other. as we stopped beside the road to make few sunset pictures, the first coming car stopped to ask if we needed some help.

my colleague who knows the area very well gave me a vast number of sightseeing tips, so we knew very well which castles, museums, cities, lakes and activities are at the must see & must do list :-)

of course, we also enjoyed to swim in many different lakes: düstersee (our favorite lake for early morning swimming before breakfast), sabinensee, naugartener see, oberpfuhl see, stadtsee, zenssee...
 glashütte (baruth/mark) - museum village, glass manufacturers & arts
water castle gerswalde (wasserburg)
 lake sabinensee in willmine
 city of templin
 lake templiner see
 castle boitzenburg
 ostrich farm rätz in berkenlatten
lake düstersee in temmen
good-bye, beautiful uckermark
more uckermark pictures are here.
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