Friday, August 3, 2018

sinai (egypt 2018)

the summer is over, i know :-). 
well, it took some time till i've got the time and the mood to upload pictures and to share my travel experiences ... we have seen a lot this summer and it was probably my best summer ever ... if is too good to be true, the euphory transforms into lethargy, you know? i hope i will make some blog updates in the upcoming winter weeks, so we can bring the summer back to our memories easily 

maybe because there were not that many tourists as usually, the local businesses and local people have a hard time to survive. we felt that the egyptian people we met were often somehow sad and sometimes even unfriendly, so let's hope time will bring peace and prosperity into the whole mideast region soon.
 national park ras mohammed
sinai's dead sea (only in low tide time)
sinai peninsula
two of us

much, much more holiday pictures are here.
insights from our former visit to sinai (dahab area) from 2013 are here ... enjoy :-) 

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