Saturday, June 13, 2020

fichtelgebirge, northern bavaria

we are back home from our 2 weeks holiday trip through germany, so let's upload few pictures and share few memories 😍.
our first stop were 2 nights in the beautiful mountains and rocks of the fichtelgebirge in northern bavaria. well, i've learned that fichtelgebirge is a huge center for china porcelaine production ... travelling widens horizons, you know?

our stops in the fichtelgebirge mountains were:
  • schönwald, pension + gasthof turm (= tower)
  • fichtelberg and lake fichtelsee
  • castle burg hohenberg at eger river
  • stone labyrinth (felsenlabyrinth) luisenburg in wunsiedel 
  • the city of marktredwitz
  • nagel + lake nageler see

enjoy few pictures:
schönwald, our pension turm (= tower)
nice you are here 
 there is a camping site and an abandoned adventure park in style of u.s. wild west city, too
schönwald's porcelaine factory BHS
 lake fichtelsee
typical countryside + stone church in fichtelgebirge 
castle and city of hohenberg close to the czech border
city of hohenberg at eger river is also famous for the hutschenreuther porcelaine
  stone labyrinth (felsenlabyrinth) luisenburg in wunsiedel
ludwigsfelsen rock
two of us
nagel + lake nageler see
... walking at´round the small and shallow lake nagler see
more pictures here

more bavarian lakes here


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