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like B follows the A, vorpommern follows mecklenburg, isn't it? well, you wouldn't believe it, but today's mecklenburg-vorpommern is a german federal state which was established only after the WWII. as germany lost the war, the area of vorpommern lost its major industrial city of stettin to poland (even when stettin is on the left oder river side) and built the administrative unit of mecklenburg-vorpommernin in the former GDR / DDR. 

it is the german state with lowest density of popupalion and if you asked me, even the few people there are somehow cold / unfriendly / frozen ~ maybe because of the rough climate at the baltic sea 😈

castle hotel spyker on the island rügen (rujana)

our stops in vorpommern were the unesco heritage city of stralsund for a day trip and the island rügen (rujana), where we've spent 5 nights and days visiting following areas / sights:
  • castle spyker (spycker)
  • the beaches of glowe and the taste of stralsund's famous störtebeker beer
  • königsstuhl cliffs and beech (buche) forests (unesco heritage), the remaining / archaeological finds (from the 6th - 8th century?) of slavic fort herthaburg
  • lohme
  • cape arkona (kap arkona) ~ putgarten, vitt, lighthouse, 4-headed slavic god svantevit / swantewit, the remaining / archaeological finds (from the 6th - 8th century?) of slavic fort jaromarsburg (jaro-mar, you see? 👻)
  • sassnitz ~ harbor, submarine museum, lenin memorial (w. i. lenin returned to russia from sassnitz in 2017 in order to start the communist revolution), harbor pub with seagulls
  • binz
  • schaprode
  • castle granitz
  • sellin + sellin pier
  • ----------------------
  • stralsund

enjoy few pictures 😍

the castle spyker (spycker) on the island rügen was our nicest and also most expensive hotel at the whole journey through germany [fichtelgebirge, (west) brandenburg, mecklenburg, vorpommern, (east) brandenburg again (uckermark)]
beach by glowe, island rügen
best of all wives 👩 and the nicest & best beer 🍺 of the whole journey 
baltic sea
castle renzow, island rügen
unesco heritage in NP jasmund ~ königsstuhl (cliffs and beech (buche) forests) ~ island rügen
beach in sassnitz
beach in binz
back to spyker => walking around the salt-sweet spyker bay
walk to the beach in glowe through a small pine forest
few collages made by my wife
mr. and mrs. snail? nope, land snails are hermaphrodites (zwitter) 😂
hotel panorama in lohme, island rügen
good-bye, lohme
sassnitz again
the british submarine HMS Otus (S18) functions as a submarine museum in sassnitz today
hotel fürstenhof
good morning, sassnitz
castle granitz
sellin pier
bridge between the city of stralsund and the island rügen
the unesco heritage city of stralsund
st. nikolai church + the town hall
main old city's square
this funny monk will fulfill all your wishes if you only pay enough 😉 
st. nikolai church on the right
good-bye, stralsund
lighthouse at cape arkona (kap arkona)
polish godess + old slavic 4-headed god svantevit / swantewit
the remaining / archaeological finds (from the 6th - 8th century?) 
of slavic fort jaromarsburg (jaro-mar, you see? 👻)
not only this nostalgic trabant (trabi) remindes me at DDR in arkona
let's walk to  the mini fisher village vitt (13 houses and 17 inhabitants or vice versa)
thatched roofs (reetdach) were typical for this area
the ferry wittower fähre on our road to trent & schaprode
church in schaprode and lighthouse at the island hiddensee
schaprode, ships to island hiddensee

many, many more pictures which should remember ME at the nice time spent in and at the baltic sea (ostsee) 😃

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