Friday, June 5, 2020

simbach am inn ~ the bavarian border city

what a nice day with friends in and close to the bavarian border city simbach at inn river.
there was a crazy interplay between rain & sun, so the colors were wonderful today 😇
no comment :-(
yeah, f*ck the system 😂
no, no, no .. diegruber is wrong spelled, der gruber is correct 😇
inn river upstream
view to braunau, austria. since 2 days is the border open again.
corona travel restrictions for germans in austria terminated ... 
inn river downstream
back to simbach ...
town hall and church in simbach am inn
our friends have koi carps and 3 ferrets, so my wife was additionally surprised and completely happy. at least a little bit of joy despite that husband 😄
more pictures here.

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