Wednesday, June 17, 2020


mecklenburg is a land of lakes, you know?

lake innerer schweriner see 👾👙🐋

like in brandenburg, we have seen interesting stuff again and learned that from the 4th century were huge parts of today's east german federal state of mecklenburg-vorpommern settled by west slavic tribes. let's hope the slaves have been assimilated (or they flew to the east?) and not killed ... 

our stops at our way up to the baltic sea and at the way down to bavaria later on were:

  • lake innerer schweriner see
  • castle ruin reppiner burg
  • schwerin 
  • lake roter see
  • sternberg in mecklenburg (not my grandma's birthplace sternberg in bohemia)
  • neubrandenburg
  • lake tollensee
  • old slavic castle burg stargard built 1100 - 1200
  • feldberg
enjoy few pictures 😃

castle ruin reppiner burg
thatched roofs (reetdach) are typical for this area
a small antifa demo in schwerin
the schwerin castle is located at one of 12 lakes in schwerin. quiz question: at which one? 😂
schwerin, all in one
lake roter see

sternberg, mecklenburg
town hall and church in sternberg, mecklenburg
judenpogrom 1492, du sollst nicht töten ~ do not kill ~ 1492
a very private prayer for you, dear daughter 💓😇🍀
breakfast for 2
two of us
street arts
lake großer sternberger see
good-bye, sternberg 💖
hotel horizont in neubrandenburg
gruber beer? cheers 🍺
lake tollensee, neubrandenburg
what a tick (zecke)!
neubrandenburg is famous for its medieval and still intact city walls and its gates
an old mill from 1287 (?)
old meets new ... nice meets ugly, too?
the old slavic castle stargard (located in today's city burg stargard) built between 1100 and 1200. in today's slavic languages it would be spelled stargrad which means 'old castle', if you asked me. like e.g. beograd / belgrad in serbia, which means 'white castle'.
the old mint (münzfabrik) of the former state mecklenburg-strelitz during 1745-1749 is a guest house & restaurant today.
the herb garden and cafe at the castle stargard
the old castle witch (hexe) + my sweet castle witch 👸
up & down
wedding in coronoia period 👹
a marriage can be heaven 💗 ... or hell 💔
lake feldberger haussee ~ feldberg, mecklenburg
good-bye, mecklenburg 💖

more pictures here.

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