Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 ~ happy new fear? 🙈

i wish there would be only peace and freedom in 2021++ ... but i rather see (forced?) vaccination, censorship, chicane, wars (when biden / harris / obama / deep state become president of the usa), inflation, ... 😭

if you asked me, it does not look good for us people, especially for us 99% (as defined by OccupyWallStreet in 2011). so what to expect in 2021? let's ask the famous forecaster gerald celente and his trendsjournal, want we? of course, you will find gerald's 24 minutes video message below 😉

and this is what really (!!!) happened in USA on january 6th: the pro-trump patriots 'stormed' the capitol hill in washington D.C. or was it a false flag operation? who knows for sure? well, will they stop the vaccination mafia as well? let's hope that too 😀
read an interesting article about the cui bono? of that crazy capitol action:

source here
source here
trump inciting violence? you must be kidding ...
😂😂😂 source twitter here

gerald celente, trends in the news on january 7th, 2021 (additional link to here in case youtube would block celente like facebook / instagram / twitter blocked the still ruling u.s. president trump in early january 2020)

january 11th, 2021 ~ gerald celente on corona:
unity instead of divide & conquer? an idea for 2021?
who has the power in a state? the president? big tech? the mainstream media (MSM) or we the people?
2021? let's find alternatives 😃
let's listen to edward snowden. will there be any free speach in the future?
source: edward snowden's twitter account - facebook (and instagram and 1 day later also twitter) silenced president trump ... what about free speach?
january 11th, 2021: former presidency candidate for the republican party, ron paul silenced by facebook like president trump few days ago. what about freedom of speach in usa?
OccupyWallStreetAnonymous source here
few recent front pages of gerald celente's trendsjournal 😃
what about (forced?) vaccination?
btw, how do you define the proportionality principle (verhältnismäßigkeitsgrundsatz)? just see the average daily deaths vs. corona-september-2020 in baden-württemberg (tagessterblichkeitsgrafik):

maybe is jacque fresco right about the future?

the solution? just watch the intercept_ @ the leap project

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